All Seasons Orchestra

A new open-access orchestra for York and the surrounding communities

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All Seasons Orchestra; photo copyright David Holbrook

Summer Term Dates 2018
Thursdays 12 April - 24 May &
7 June - 19 July (inclusive)

7.30 - 9.30pm

Burnholme Community Hub
(see address and photos below)


Your first session is absolutely free. Please go and say hello to Simon our Membership Secretary so he can make a note that you came to play with us - he'll also be able to answer any questions you may have about the orchestra.

After that we operate a pay as you play scheme so it costs just £5.00 per evening.

Alternatively, you can pay for a term in advance and get a 10% reduction in price and save having to remember your pennies each week.

How to find us

Burnholme Community Hub is easy to get to from well anywhere in and around York pretty much anyhow! Just be careful if you’re using satnav to find it, you don’t want to take the road next to B&Q, you need to be in Tang Hall itself and the Hub (which is an old school) is on Bad Bargain Lane.

Burnholme Community Hub, Bad Bargain Lane, Tang Hall, York, YO31 0GW

We have a fabulous cosy new room in Burnholme Community Hub, called ’the training room’ should you need to ask for it. There is good parking and a little run way of lights to guide you from the car park down the right hand side of the tennis courts and astroturf to the sports entrance (also signed for the nursery). Once inside turn right (you can’t really go anywhere else) and then straight ahead through two sets of double doors. Our room is down this corridor on the right. (Toilets are further down the corridor, turn right and then on your right).

We will make sure that there is someone manning the aforementioned double doors until we start playing, but should you be cutting it a bit fine or arrive late you may need to use the intercom next to the door to let us know you’re trying to get in so someone can come down and let you in).

What to Bring

Not a lot. Just yourself, your instrument & a music stand if you have one. A pencil for making notes of the music is often handy too. Other than that, just a sense of humour for the inevitable moment when you play really loudly in the wrong place.

All Seasons Orchestra; photo copyright David Holbrook


Each week our artistic director, Catherine Holbrook guides us through a varied selection of music from across the orchestral repertoire, some easy bits and some of that really meaty stuff you’ve always wanted to have a go at. There’s something for everyone whatever your previous experience.

A lot of the music we play is available to download from the Petrucci website free of charge, so you can print off and scribble all over your very own part if you so wish.

You are welcome to borrow music from the orchestra by signing it out in the borrowing book, but please only take music if you can bring it back next time so that we’re not left short. Our librarians Caroline & Ann will be able to help you out if you get in a muddle with your music.


We do like to reward our efforts with hot drinks and biscuits (and sometimes even cake!). Refreshments are available at each session for a small fee - monies all go back into the orchestra to help fund All Seasons activities.

Thank you to Brian, Judith, Shirley & Stella for keeping us fuelled.


Please note that photographs taken by players during our events may be used to promote and advertise All Seasons Orchestra including on the internet. If you do not wish for your photograph to be taken and used in this way please inform the photographer present at each event to avoid any confusion.
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