All Seasons Orchestra

A new open-access orchestra for York and the surrounding communities

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All Seasons Orchestra is a friendly new community orchestra set up to provide orchestral playing opportunities for amateur musicians in York and the surrounding area. We play a varied selection of music from across the orchestral repertoire, some easy bits and some of that really meaty stuff you've always wanted to have a go at.

Our sessions are open to players of all ages, instruments & abilities.
(We just ask that players under 18 are accompanied by an adult - what a shame now you'll have to join in too).

There are: There'll be something for everyone whatever your previous experience. Come along whenever life permits; play the notes you can and let the instrumental gymnast next to you fill in the twiddly bits.

Follow me for full details about ASO's weekly group or to find out about ASO's events. Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to recieve our events information hot off the press.

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