All Seasons Orchestra

A new open-access orchestra for York and the surrounding communities

The OrchestraThe CommitteeArtistic Director


Chair: Catherine Candlin (flute)
Secretary: Caroline Myers (percussion)
Treasurer: Anthony Horan(violin)

Committee member: Kylie Matthews (clarinet)
Committee member: Paul Moseley (clarinet)
Committee member: Kaitlin Sobieski (flute)

Unofficial but very important and helpful roles:

Membership Secretary: Simon Willis (oboe)
Librarian: Caroline Myers (percussion)
Assistant Librarian:Kaitlin Sobieski (flute)
Tea & Cake Organisers: Judith Spindler (cello) & Shirley Painter (oboe) but a massive thank you to everyone on the extensive tea & cake team
Photographers: Cris Marshall (violin) & Maki Brookes (cello)

You can contact any of the committee members by emailing: info # allseasonsorchestra * org * uk

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